Braised food

Why braised ribs taste so much better in a restaurant

Let’s start with the time element first. The Toronto Star explains that chefs typically spend hours obsessing over broths and embers. To replicate these time-consuming efforts, home cooks often rely on slow cookers or pressure cookers. But if you really want to wear that chef’s coat, The Kitchn says braised ribs take about eight hours on the low setting of a slow cooker or 2 to 2.5 hours in the oven — and that’s after browning the meat and simmer the braise. liquid.

Speaking of the braising liquid, aka the sauce, Serious Eats notes that it’s the key component to making braised ribs taste restaurant-quality. The resulting sauce should be rich, shiny and thick, and one that serves as a glaze for the short ribs rather than just a bath in which they can soak.

A combination of broth and dry red wine should be used as the base for the braising liquid, but the real secret lies in the ruby ​​port, which should be simmered and reduced in a separate pot. This is added after the short ribs are cooked, making the sauce sweeter, more vinous, brighter, and closer to restaurant-worthy embers. Be sure to remove the finished meat and vegetables from the pot first, simmer the broth even more to reduce it, then stir in the port reduction.