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Wen Li Taiwanese Food Review: $3.50 Braised Pork Rice and Mee Sua Pork Intestine

Wen Li Taiwanese cuisine at the Golden Mile

Golden Mile Food Center is one of my places to dine. The place has countless street vendors and also attracts many young entrepreneurs who hope to attract the office crowds nearby. I’ve tried most of the stalls here, except for the newer ones that pop up between my visits. So when I first noticed a shutter Wen Li Taiwanese cuisine one weekend I knew I had to come back and try them properly.

Wen Li Taiwanese Food Showcase

The seven-month stand is the brainchild of Joe Cheong and Donovan Wong, whose Chinese names, Wen Li and Jun Wen, respectively lend themselves to the store’s moniker. Although Wen Li Taiwanese Food is neither Joe nor Donovan’s first rodeo in the F&B industry, it is the first stand they own.

Of the two, Joe is the more outspoken partner, responsible for taking orders and managing customers, while Donovan is mostly behind the stove. The reason for this division of labor is simple: Donovan learned the recipe for his braised pork rice from a Taiwanese grandmother before opening his stall.

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Food in Wen Li Taiwanese cuisine

Braised pork rice

So we wasted no time eating the Braised Pork Rice Set ($6.80), which gives you a bowl of lu rou fan, a “jelly egg”, or “糖心蛋” as it is called in Chinese, a cucumber salad and a small portion of homemade Taiwanese popcorn chicken . That’s a lot of food for under $7 which made me a happy camper. If you’re not hungry, you can get the Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice à la carte only $3.50.

So I was extremely excited when I found out it was as good as claimed. The braised meat was remarkably fragrant and the flavor of the pork went well with the fluffy Taiwanese pearl rice. Don tells me it’s because they use a Taiwanese brand of soy sauce, which has a more refined flavor compared to the local offerings.

Braised pork ladle

I also loved that the fatty meat and lean meat were separated, as it created a great textural contrast. For the health junkies, you can easily separate the lard from the meat, although I sincerely implore you not to.

Even though you can’t take too much spice, I highly recommend adding padi chilli to the braised pork rice bowl. There’s just something about the slight kick that makes the dish even more indulgent.

Cold cucumber salad

Since we ordered the set, our braised pork rice was topped with a chilled cucumber salad and a Boiled Egg Omega3what costs $1.50 all alone. The cucumber salad served as a refreshing crunch between bites, while the egg also presented a perfect cook.

Boiled Egg Omega3

Personally, I thought the marinated stewed egg could have been saltier, but it could have been a conscious choice by Wen Li Taiwanese Food, since the braised pork was already tasty.

Homemade Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken

Moving on to popcorn chicken, the homemade snack was generously seasoned with salt and white pepper. Although I felt the popcorn chicken was a bit mealy, I really appreciated that it was homemade and fried to order.

Mee Sua Pork Intestine

The other main dish available at Wen Li Taiwanese Food is Mee Sua Pork Intestine ($3.50). Unlike the Braised Pork Rice Set, the Mee Sua Pork Intestine Set does not come with the Pickled Egg and Cucumber Salad. Instead, you get a full serving of their homemade Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken for maximum snacking.

Spoonful of mee sua

There’s no fancy way to eat mee sua – just sip it. Each bite was smooth and punchy with just the right amount of black vinegar, raw garlic and cilantro. As for the protein, the pork intestine has been thoroughly cleaned and very umami.

Mee Sua Pork Intestine

I wish the intestines weren’t sliced ​​so thinly, as I think that would have given the dish more bite. That said, the Pig Intestine Mee Sua is probably suitable for both young and old diners, as it is cooked for over two hours so it melts in your mouth.

If you don’t like pork intestines, Wen Li Taiwanese Food replaces them with pulled chicken. We didn’t manage to taste the chicken version of the mee sua, but we imagined it to be just as tasty.

Braised Chinese cabbage

Unlike my colleague, I feel uncomfortable if I don’t have vegetables at every meal. So I ordered the Braised Chinese cabbage ($2) despite his protests. Although it didn’t look very appetizing, the dish was actually quite tasty.

For only $2, Braised Chinese Cabbage is a great value. You get chunks of pork belly and shiitake mushrooms from the pile of tender wombok, which makes eating the veggies less of a pain.

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Atmosphere at Wen Li Taiwanese Food

Wen Li Taiwanese Food is in front of Nicoll Highway MRT Stationbut if you take the Downtown Line instead, get off at Bugis MRT Station. There’s not much to say about the Golden Mile Food Center, but if for some reason you’ve never been there before, note that the hawker center spans two floors.

Wen Li Taiwanese Culinary Atmosphere

The Taiwanese food stall is on the first floor, near where YouFu Hokkien Prawn Mee is located. If it’s not too crowded, stay here to have your meal, we prefer it because it’s more airy.

You’ll also get a queue number when things get busy, although we’ve observed the lines aren’t very long.

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The verdict

Verdict shot on Wen Li's Taiwanese food

If you’re looking for affordable Taiwanese food in Singapore, Wen Li Taiwanese Food is the place to go. The food here is pretty decent, but it’s the affordable prices that make the stand a must-visit in my books. Hearty Braised Pork Rice for only $3.50 – it’s irresistible in itself.

Another Taiwanese food option that has been very popular recently is Food craving Taiwanese delights, which sells mee sua oysters for less than $10! If you’re looking for alternative stalls to frequent in Golden Mile, check out our Golden Mile Food Center Guide!

Address: 505 Beach Road, #01-65, Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 199583
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11am-4pm
Tel: 8161 5793
Wen Li Taiwanese Food is not a halal certified restaurant.

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Photos taken by Tanya Tham.
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Wen Li Taiwanese Food Review: $3.50 Braised Pork Rice and Mee Sua Pork Intestine by Young Hawkers

  • Wen Li Taiwanese Food Review: Braised Pork Rice, Mee Sua Pork Intestine for $3.50 by Young Hawkers – 7.5/10




– Value for money
– The popcorn chicken is fried to order

The inconvenients

– Could have more pork intestine
– Egg could have been marinated more

Recommended dishes: Braised Pork Rice Set ($6.80), Mee Sua Pork Intestine ($3.50), Homemade Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken ($3.80)

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Address: 505 Beach Road, #01-65, Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 199583