Braised food

This new TTDI restaurant offers 18-hour braised beef ribs that *melt* in your mouth

Tucked away in one of Taman Tun Dr Ismail’s neighborhoods is a new, modern Italian restaurant that’s well worth a visit if you’re looking for authentic, hearty food.

Aposto is founded and run by Chef Chu Wei Sin, serving Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist. Wanting to create a place where people can connect and socialize over great food, he and his team carefully prepare each dish and you can see it all unfold before your eyes.

Chu, originally from Klang, has tried his hand at several different cuisines, namely Tex Mex, French, Italian and Japanese.

“Besides the flavors and respect for ingredients that I love in Italian cuisine, the concept of Italian food culture is what touches me. Coming from Klang, the flavors I grew up with are big, bold and punchy, [the] the same kind of flavors I see and incorporate into Aposto’s food,” he shared with DIT.

I’m not the biggest fan of fancy restaurants that seem cold and out of touch and luckily Aposto has nothing to do with that. The space has a cozy ambience that is perfect for a relaxing evening with friends over drinks or dinner. And that same comfort translates into the food.

Depending on your mood, you have the option of sitting at the bar while you watch the team cook, or relaxing at one of their indoor or outdoor tables, where you can enjoy the fresh air and the peaceful neighborhood of TTDI.

What sets this place apart from other well-established restaurants is the desire to ensure that customers are not only satisfied, but leave with full and happy bellies. (I wasn’t paid to say that, by the way :P)