Braised food

Simple weekend braised beef recipe

Fancy a hearty meal with the family? Cassers are a great way to get big flavors in beef with very few ingredients. This Swiss steak recipe is a great weekend meal because it takes a while to braise in the oven. The style is European but you can add any of your local ingredients into the recipe. It is best served at dinner with rice or mashed potatoes that the whole family can enjoy.

Tips for Swiss Steak Casserole

Seeing the steaks adds flavor through something called the Maillard reaction which caramelizes the beef. The recipe is simple but you can add any additional vegetables or herbs and spices you wish. The sauce is a quick rue made with butter, flour and broth which will naturally thicken the sauce. You can use any stewing meat or chuck for this recipe and it’s also great with pork.

If you love hearty family meals, our Swiss Steak Stew is for you. The most tender steak and onions with your favorite vegetables.

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