Braised food

Prepare something hearty and special

Family dinner can be quick and easy, but sometimes you want to do something special. Often we take inspiration from what professional chefs do and it’s often easier than you think. This Old Fashioned Braised Steak recipe gives you a great opportunity to whip up something amazing for your family. This recipe is also great for weekend lunches and dinners.

Braised steak tips

The easy part of this recipe is a simple marinade that you will prepare with onions, garlic, red wine and brown sugar. The sugar will help brown and caramelize the steak when you fry it. Don’t brown the steak too long as you just want the color, then braise it, covered, on the stovetop until tender. You can also add carrots and other vegetables like green beans to the liquid. Bacon and pork belly add the most amazing flavors to go with it.

Combine old-fashioned cooking with modern techniques and flavors with this Braised Steak recipe. It’s juicy, hearty, and the perfect weekend meal.

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