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Pong Cheer Cheer Sells $4 Braised Rice and Thai Kway Chap in Kovan

Pong Cheer Cheer Thai food in Kovan

If you’re someone who’s always made SabX2 a pit stop on your list of Pratunam restaurants for their Thai-style braised pork trotter rice, rejoice. Pong Cheer Cheer In Kovan is a hawker stall specializing in braised Thai dishes, offering pig’s trotter rice which fans say tastes very similar to SabX2’s.

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Pong Cheer Cheer is located at Defu Lane, near MRT Kovan station. The stand is staffed by two Thai natives, and they specialize in braised rice trotter, AKA khao kha mu, and Thai-style kway chap.

Their pork trotter rice is very affordable, at only $4. The feet are slowly braised in a mixture of soy, Thai herbs and spices, resulting in tender, flavorful meat and fat that melts in your mouth. A serving also comes with a braised egg, soup and homemade canned vegetables.

pong cheer cheer
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If you want to eat a whole trotter, or a dabao for your next family dinner, you can do that here too. Whole trotters are priced at $12.

thai guy kway
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In addition to their braised pig’s trotter dishes, Pong Cheer Cheer also offers Thai Kway Chap ($4), which is served with a mixture of braised meats, braised eggs and fried treats. You can choose to have your dish with kway or rice.

thai braised pork trotter rice
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Other menu items to try include their Thai Lap Cheong Rice ($5)and Cheer Cheer Thai Mixed Chicken Rice ($4). They also have Thai side dishes including fish cakes ($5)Spring Rolls ($4)pandan chicken ($5)and a chicken feet salad ($7).

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Address: 4 Defu Lane 10, Singapore 539185
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Such : 8236 8031

Featured image adapted from @david_lee1981 and @yephao.


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