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Lin’s Braised Has Hakka Lu Rou Fan, Pork Intestine La Mian And More At Dunman Food Center

Lin’s Braised at the Dunman Food Center

Singapore is home to many Taiwanese restaurants offering lu rou fan, AKA braised pork rice. Although the dish is quite common, Flax Braiseda peddler’s stall Dunman Food Centerbrings something new to the table by offering a Hakka style lu rou fan and more.

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Lin’s Braised was started by a former manager, who decided to become a peddler during the pandemic. The stall serves braised dishes, prepared with recipes and cooking techniques learned during the founder’s travels through Taiwan.

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Try it Hakka Signature Braised Pork Rice Bowl ($5.80), which comes with chunks of pork belly braised in a deliciously flavorful aromatic sauce, with tender ends. The sauce is a blend of 16 spices, so expect tons of flavor.

The meat is served on short-grain rice, accompanied by kiam cai or canned vegetables, tau kwa and a hard-boiled egg. Everything here is made from scratch, so a lot of dedication goes into every spoonful.

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They also have Braised pork trotter rice ($7.30)with the same sauce, but fattier pork shanks.

Explore more of Lin’s Braised Sauce offerings with their Kway Chap Platter ($5). The portion is made for one person and comes with a platter full of offal and pork, as well as a serving of homemade kway. The platter comes with pork belly, well-cleaned offal and kway swimming in a slurpable sauce.

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They also recently revamped their menu, with brand new handmade la mian dishes. There are three items: Hakka La Mian Braised Pork with Egg ($5.80), La Mian Spicy Pork Intestine with Egg ($6.80)and La Mian braised pork trotter with salted vegetables ($8.80). You can choose whether your order is spicy or not spicy.

For more braised dishes, check out our guide to the best kway chap in Singapore. Otherwise, here is our guide to Taiwanese restaurants to try!

Address: 271 Onan Road, #02-29, Dunman Food Centre, Singapore 424768
Opening hours: to be determined

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