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It’s ember season! – The New York Times

Here we go again. The trees are in their autumn beauty, but the week begins suspiciously like all the other weeks we’ve been through since March, with a slight surprise, a tempered annoyance: is it Monday again, so early? We walk painfully to work. We drive or cycle to work. We painfully cross the rooms to work, to look for work, to assess reality, to learn as best we can. We activate our cameras, our microphones. We do as we have for so long, and soon we are thinking of dinner, for it is dinner that will be our balm, that will console us against monotony, that will offer our best chance of joy.

This is braising time for some of us: a good day to do like Californian chef Cal Peternell and prepare chicken thighs (above) in a small bath of chicken stock, crisping the skin over the heat of the oven while allowing the liquid to gurgle and turn into a sauce. You could do the same with beef cheeks or brisket, as I learned to do in Alabama, visiting chef Frank Stitt at his Highlands Bar and Grill restaurant in Birmingham. You could do it with celery, thyme and white wine.

Even if today is perhaps that of a French Onion Mac and Cheese. Or for slow cooker spicy black bean and sweet potato chili. Do you feel tofu and green beans with crispy chili? Or chickpeas in coconut curry with pumpkin and lime?

I know I would like to do this weekday herb lemon chicken very soon, and that Japanese tuna noodle salad as well as. With apples everywhere, I’d like to cook apple and onion sausages. I would like bake applestoo!

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So does Diana Ross sing?I’m gonna wash this man straight out of my hairlive in 1969, under an incredible wig.

Here’s Sheila Marikar in The New York Times Magazine, about chef Gaggan Anand, a complicated and brilliant character. It’s a good read.

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