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How to Make Apple Braised Turkey

Tower of Fantasy is an immersive RPG experience full of activities for players to engage in. From roaming the beautiful open world of Aida to hunting monsters to having a fun side activity in the game, there’s always plenty to do in Tower of Fantasy. One of these activities is the Aida cafe. A limited-time event, the Aida Cafe sees players run a restaurant, preparing food while battling against time. The main thing here is to be on time, because an unsatisfactory customer means your progress is halted. Among the many recipes are braised turkey with apples Tower of Fantasy; in this guide we will explain how to make it.

How To Make Braised Turkey With Apples In Tower Of Fantasy

Aida Coffee Cooker is needed to make Apple Braised Turkey in Fantasy Tower

All players must do to make this recipe in Tower of FantasyAida coffee is about finding the right ingredients and putting them in the slow cooker. To make braised turkey with apples, players need turkey (of course), apples, broccoli, and potatoes.

Turkeys can be found at the Hyena base in Aesperia. In order to get the turkeys, you will need to eliminate the hostile hyenas.

Apples can be found scattered around the world of Aida; however, players who obtain turkey from the Hyena Den in Asperia must roam around it to find apples. Just like apples, broccoli and potatoes can be collected in Aida, especially in Astra.

Players will need five apples and potatoes, two turkeys, and three broccoli to make braised turkey with apples. Tower of Fantasy. Once you have the ingredients, add them to the slow cooker and you will have an apple braised turkey.

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Tower of Fantasy is available for PC, iOS and Android devices.