Braised food

Donal Skehan’s Autumn Comforting Recipes – Braised Beef Shin Lasagna, Sticky Apple Cake and Chilli Coconut Sweet Potato Soup

Every year I resist the autumn kitchen to try to preserve the last sweet moments of summer. But now, as the days of September roll into October, the template is in place. Although I long for long sunny days during our long Irish autumns and winters, my wife Sofie is much more prepared for the change of season. Embracing its Scandi traditions of making the house cozy for the colder days, candles are lit and blankets are laid down at the first howl of a soggy autumn day.

also play my role in the kitchen. Although my preference is for light, exciting and bold flavors from other continents, I am actually extremely skilled in producing “brown food” – the types of simmering stews that aren’t pretty but warm you from the inside out. and provide just the right amount of nostalgia to lessen the sting of the season. Irish Stew, Creamy Chicken Casserole with Cheddar Meatballs, and Beef and Guinness Stew are all favorites. This week, we’re embracing all things cozy with three recipes that should get you through those cooler days.