Braised food

Braised beef lasagna recipe from Marc-André Jetté

For several years, Marc-André has occupied an important place on the Quebec culinary scene. Its restaurant, its butcher’s shop and its catering service all enjoy a solid reputation for the originality and quality of the dishes and products offered.

Today, we share with you her recipe for Braised Beef Lasagna; a comforting recipe to spend the winter, and a dish that can also be found in the ready-to-eat department of his butcher, Édouard et Léo.

Édouard et Léo is the new project of Marc-André Jetté, chef-owner of the renowned restaurant Hoogan et Beaufort, and his team. Since the beginnings of Hoogan and Beaufort, the chef has developed strong relationships with the producers he works with. Through his cuisine, Marc-André highlights the hard work of local producers and encourages local gastronomy.

The opening of the butcher’s shop in the catering area was a natural choice to introduce its loyal customers to its local partners; individuals who deeply respect animals and adhere to the best breeding practices for exceptional quality.

The house also offers “Producer Kits” which present superb selections of Quebec products to make a delicious meal. The kits also promote the butcher’s philosophy of respecting and using the animal as a whole.

It’s tempting, but if you don’t feel like cooking, Édouard and Léo also offer you cooked meals; you will find the braised beef lasagna ready to be devoured!

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