Braised food

Aromatic free-range braised chicken: a traditional family delight

South Africans love food and we build entire cultures around it. We celebrate and share food of all kinds and during the winter we always come together for comforting, hearty food that keeps everyone feeling warm. A dish of aromatic, farmhouse-style braised chicken is just what you need to feel your best. The aromatic sauce adds medium spice that warms your heart and topped with your choice of samp and beans, dumplings or porridge.

Aromatic suggestions of farm-style braised chicken

You can see and brown the chicken pieces before removing them and adding the onion and other ingredients. Add frozen vegetables to add more goodness and if you’re feeling a little spicy, add fresh chilies or chili flakes. It’s the perfect family meal for chilly weeknights or a relaxing weekend meal. You can spice things up as much as you want, as this recipe is a great base to work from.

Looking for comforting meals for your family on cold evenings? Our aromatic free-range braised chicken is the family meal you need right now.

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