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People Braise Chicken at NyQuil for Cold Cure – Again

Recently, the internet seems to be trying to resuscitate some old absurd trends to see if 2022 could give them another chance. On “well-being” TikTok, for example, someone filmed themselves cooking a cursed dish called NyQuil Chicken and people love it, literally and figuratively. Yes, NyQuil as in cough syrup and chicken as in, a […]

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Keep the joy of eating in January with these tomato braised potatoes

It can be tempting in January to be a little puritanical about food. It’s natural to want to change things after Christmas – most of us are likely to experience a change in appetite and taste, whether or not we stick to a strict new diet. If I don’t see a sniff of roast meat […]

Braised food

Coconut Milk Makes Butter Braised Chicken | Food and cooking

Not all coconut milk is created equal. Canned coconut milk – both regular and light – is made from finely ground coconut flesh that is recombined with water for a uniform, gooey texture that can easily overwhelm other ingredients. This is one of the reasons why in Colombia they make theirs, and we found out […]

Braised food

Best Braised Meat Recipes: Cheaper, Great Aroma

Leave enough space between the pieces of meat for them to brown rather than steaming. Photos by Bill St. John, for UCHealth. Praise the embers. This method of cooking meat in a humid environment (rather than roasting it in a dry place called an oven) is the perfect porridge for the winter. The best feature […]