Braised food

Recipe: Braised carne asada is perfect for the weekend | What’s cooking

Weekend food is the best. It’s the food that goes on a smoker for half the day, giving you the excuse to “watch the grill” while doing next to nothing. Or it’s the soup that makes you sit and stir while reading a book. If you love to bake, it’s the puff pastry from scratch […]

Braised food

Braised lamb shanks with pomegranate and dates are a special holiday meal

Besides the simanim seder, which is traditional for preparing Rosh Hashanah, I also try to incorporate foods from the seven kinds, or Shivat Haminim: wheat, barley, grape, fig, pomegranate, olive (oil) and date (honey). . This braised lamb recipe uses date syrup – or silan – which is what the Israelites historically called honey. (When […]

Braised food

Red Wine Braised Ribs with Creamy Polenta – The Forward

Courtesy of Eitan Bernath Braised short ribs in red wine with creamy polenta Eitan Bernath, the 19-year-old culinary phenom, shares this warm, rich holiday dish. Preparation time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 4 hours For 4 people Ingredients For the short ribs 2 tablespoons of vegetables 3 pounds beef ribs, cut into 3-inch-long pieces 10 shallots, […]

Braised food

a simple dinner ideal for weeknights

Although often used in breads and batters, beer also works particularly well as a braising liquid. A remarkable seasoning, beer brings much more flavor to dishes than ordinary water, with some beers being particularly suited to certain dishes. This beer-braised chicken recipe uses thigh meat braised in dark beer like porter or stout to add […]

Braising recipe

Braising takes celery center stage in this versatile dish

Celery and mushrooms braised with tomato and harissa (Photo by Kim Sunée) Celery, with its tender heart and lush foliage, is often not the star of the show. In this recipe, the savory stems and leaves take center stage and provide a surprisingly and deeply satisfying dish. Look for celery with firm, green stems and […]